Our biggest production done at SHED yet!


Role: Lighting, Compositing and Look Dev

I'm really happy to have contributed to this project with such an amazing team.
Thanks to Ben & PH for the amazing work!

  • Lighting - SCENE ASSEMBLY:

    • My biggest task on this show was to light the first 6 shots and make sure every elements were there.
      My awesome co-worker Philippe Sylvain did the last shots, we exchanged a lot to make sure that the continuity of the spot was the best we could do.

    • We first received concepts and ideas from Benoit Therriault, Fernando Peque and Nicolas Cloutier.

    • It was a great challenge to create a lighting that was photorealistic and stylized at the same time.

      • For the first time at SHED, we used Houdini for the scene-assembly and lighting, in combination with Redshift.

  • Compositing:

    • Again, we used Filmic in NUKE, it makes the compositing stage much more precise and pleasant. No more SoftClip or need to massage the shots, everything is seamless and we can focus on the artistic aspects.

    • In this show I tried to render my lights in separate passes so I could have more control in compositing, for example, the cave shot was pretty much all lit in compositing (color changes).

      • However, do not overuse this technique when there is significant light bounces or high saturation in the lights, you can't go too far.

      • In this show the light was pretty natural and soft so it worked really well in most cases.

  • Look Dev:

    • During this project I tried to make sure that all the asset would properly fit together in the shots.

      • I created a Houdini Digital Asset which included basic calibrated HDRIs and reference objects for the artists.

      • I also established the material assignation pipeline for this project using Houdini Digital Assets.

    • Sabrina Denault (textures and shading) and Martine Chartrand (grooming) did a fantastic job on the look of the bear, bravo team!

      • I contributed to some assets like the trees and some vegetation.