Bec Cola Bottles

Project I did for Bec-Cola, an organic cola from Quebec.

  • Software & Workflow

    • Cinema 4D and Redshift:

      • I used a lot the Redshift Proxies in this project for a better scene management and versioning of the different bottle parts. In combination with Cinema 4D's Takes it is a really powerful, easy and efficient workflow.

    • Deadline:

      • An awesome tool for render management, also very well integrated with Cinema 4D's Takes. Easy to setup priority rules and manage versions.

    • NUKE:

      • When I can use it (from work), I tend to choose NUKE. The great integration with OCIO allow me to use Filmic with ease. In this case I also did some little controllers to switch between all the different versions that I had:

  • Lighting

    • I wanted a simple but classy looking render so I went for a two big symmetrical softboxes setup as my main light sources:

      • My main lights are 01 and 02, two textured area lights. Textures are from Pingo van der Brinkloev, awesome dynamic range!

      • 03 is a big soft circular area light which sends light on the back wall (04) which bounces back on the bottle very smoothly, it creates big soft gradients in the refraction and makes the color of the liquid pop.