Bud Light


Role: CG LEAD, Look Dev, Scene Assembly, Lighting & CompositinG

This project wasn’t easy for one big reason, 38 versions to deliver, different formats, different animations. In the end those are my favorite shots.

The Look Development is always a great challenge, fruits have to look good, fresh and juicy. With the great team at SHED the texturing and shading process of this show was pretty straight forward, we used 3d scan data for the main fruits. Done with Redshift in Houdini.

The Scene Assembly was done in Houdini too. I managed the scenes using a combination of custom HDAs and our usual pipeline tools that we developed with my great friend Thibault Houdon.

The water droplets setup was a great challenge too, it was involving scattering geometry on more than 50 assets per shots on 18 different animations, no time for simulation. Most of the assets are growing from a scale of 0 so I had to find a solution to scale each droplets following that. The setup is fully procedural and the artists just had to import it in the scene to make it work.