Filmic in Maya


First, this will only work for Maya 2017, I couldn't got it to work with 2016...

On the GitHub page click on the Clone or download green button. You will get a .ZIP with the OCIO configuration in it.

Open Maya!

You can open the Preferences window by clicking on the little running guy on the bottom right of the interface.


Go to the Color Management tab and your preferences should look like this, you just have to point to the config_maya.ocio file and tick the Use OCIO Configuration:

In the View Transform I've just included the Filmic Base Contrast and the Filmic Medium High Contrast, I don't really use the other looks so I thought it was simpler like that.

You should be ready to go!

If you want to render your image in scene linear and use Filmic in NUKE go check this other article.