IGA - The Vote

Role: Look Development, Lighting, Compositing - Pink shots

I really enjoyed working on this project at SHED. The directors, Pierre-Hugues Dallaire (PH) and Benoit Therriault (Ben) gave me the awesome opportunity to work on several aspects of this pink world, including:

  • Look Development:

    • The textures of the environment were done in Houdini with a custom procedural approach and baking tool. The layout and geometries of this world changed a lot during the project so with this approach I was able to develop the look of the textures really early in the project. After that I just had to reload the new alembic and everything was following with our object naming conventions.

      • The shading was then done with Redshift for Maya. We also created some Python scripts during the production for quick material assignment and development (thanks a lot to Jonathan Pepin Gagne for those).

    • As for the little characters, the first version has been done by Sabrina Denault (texturing + shading), our main texture artist at SHED. I then modified some aspects of the shading during the production of the shots. Substance Designer was also used to create the flakes on their body.

  • Lighting:

    • It was a great challenge to develop an interesting lighting for a mouth world. I first received some concepts and color key from Nicolas Cloutier and Fernando Peque. For the final look we went toward something a bit more soft and brighter to give a clean and light feeling.

    • We used Maya with Redshift for our scene assembly. Since March 2017 we now use the Filmic OCIO configuration for our renders. I spent some time to make it work with Maya and NUKE and establish a proper workflow for our pipeline.  We now use it for all of our projects.

  • Compositing:

    • We always use NUKE for this final pass. This time it was pretty straightforward as Filmic is giving us an incredible result just from our scene linear renders. Here is a little screenshot of the comp organization.