3D Snowball - SHADERS.XYZ

Friday, March 31, 2017


A few months ago, Zeno Pelgrims contacted me to exchange and talk about this very nice idea, a forum where everyone could share and learn about look development. Right away I found that it was a great idea for our community. Today I can't even count the number of entries that have been posted on the first challenge, it's awesome.

It was my pleasure to contribute to this great project by making a custom HDRI for the challenges.

So, here is my try on the first challenge, recreate a snowball shader.

This time I wanted to try Redshift with Cinema 4D:

  • Render time on Windows 10 with 2 x GTX 1070:

    • 1 minute and 30 seconds for a 1000 pixels wide image.

    • 50 seconds for a 750 pixels wide image.

More variations:

My approach was fully procedural and UV-independent, here are some of my settings with Redshift.

More details coming soon...

With the crazy fast render times of Redshift and this procedural setup, I could get more than 50 different snowballs during the lunch break.

I still want to improve some aspects of this shader so I may update this post in the future.